I’m Michelle Clough: freelance writer, editor, narrative designer, localization specialist, QA playtester, closed caption timer, professional fangirl, breather of oxygen, and wearer of many hats.

What do you get when you add:

  • seven years experience writing, editing, and playtesting video games, from solo hobby projects to AAA releases?
  • expertise on the topics of romance, sex, sex appeal and desire in games and geek media?
  • five years localizing anime and manga, including major releases like Death Note and Gundam 00?
  • four years of geeky journalism, criticism, and blogging?
  • five years of closed caption editing and timing for over a hundred programs?
  • thirty-five years of geekiness, world travel, and a love of Shakespeare and Jane Austen?

You get… well, a bit of an oddball, but you also get a fresh perspective of geek culture, a strong understanding of video game and anime storytelling, a great grasp of dialogue, and way too many random credits to list… not that that’ll stop me from trying!

I also offer non-geeky services like copywriting, ghostwriting, transcription, and writing on topics like food, travel, history, and culture.