Role: Editor / Actor

Engine: Unity

Skills shown: Constructive critique, streamlining content, embarrassing acting skills

My very first game project was assisting with a student assignment from the Art Institute of Vancouver; several members of their team approached me during GDC Canada after finding I had background in anime editing and writing. I assisted the team with streamlining their cutscene script. Later, I also became an actor for the main character’s mother.

Larpegaverse was an isometric RTS game in which the main character Theodore and his friends – all LARP (Live Action Role Play) enthusiasts – must battle fellow LARPers in an imagined fantasy setting in an effort to recover their prime spot in the park. The “real life” story was told through deliberately cheesy live action cutscenes, while the LARP fantasy was depicted through game graphics.

Unfortunately the game itself is no longer available online, but one of the team websites is here, and you can compare the original draft vs. my edits below.

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