Mother’s Day / Father’s Day (RPGMaker VX)

Mother's Day - cleaningFather's Day - mildly irritatedRole: Writer / Designer / Level Editor

Engine: RPGMaker VX

Skills shown: RPGMaker VX, comedic dialogue, JRPG-specific structure, pacing, and mood

In 2012, I wanted to make a video game for my mother as a gift for Mother’s Day. As she’s a huge fan of Dragon Quest and other old-school JRPGs, I decided to learn the basics of RPGMaker VX and craft a short 30-60 minute JRPG about her and our family.  Naturally, it made sense to have a sequel for my dad for Father’s Day!

In Mother’s Day, our heroes – my mother and father – are about to embark on a long-awaited trip to Spain, despite my mom’s fear of flying. But trouble begins when they travel down to Vancouver to pick up their daughter – yours truly – for the flight. In the sequel, Father’s Day, our family of heroes have to trace down the dark forces that stole their plane tickets.

Please note that these are personal projects, with several references, in-jokes, and sentimentality that are specifically meant for family members. However, these games also highlight my comedy dialogue and my experience in RPGMaker VX, so I have added them to my CV.

Download the games from Google Drive (.exe file, all assets included in package)

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