Anime and Manga Localization

Image of Light Yagami in the Death Note anime

What is localization editing? This is the process of adapting an existing translation from another language (e.g. from Japanese to English) and rewriting it in order to better fit the new language. Usually, this involves editing any awkward, overly-literal translations to sound smooth and natural, and changing any jokes, sayings, or expressions that don’t quite make sense in English. Depending on the media, it can also involve rewriting the line so that the ADR dub fits the on-screen lip movements, or even changing names and terms for a Western audience.

I’m an experienced localization editor with intermediate Japanese skills and over five years of experience in localizing anime, manga, and Japanese live-action dramas. With a background in ADR scriptwriting, subtitling and captioning, I am looking to expand into other media, particularly video game localization editing. I ensure high quality content editing and culturalization for your translated media.


  • Death Note (19-37), released by Viz Media, broadcast on YTV and Cartoon Network
  • Gundam 00: The Awakening of the Trailblazer
  • Pretty Cure (1-13), released by FUNimation, broadcast on YTV
  • .hack//G.U. Trilogy (subtitles), released by Bandai Entertainment
  • The Story of Saiunkoku, episodes 1-36, released by Geneon/Funimation
  • My-Otome, episodes 1-26, released by Bandai Entertainment
  • My-Otome Zwei
  • My-Otome Sifr (subtitles)episodes 1-4, released by Bandai Entertainment


  • Entangled Circumstances
  • Yakuza Cafe
  • Secrecy of the Shivering Night
  • Depression of the Anti-Romanticist
  • Ninth Life Love
  • Starry Sky


  • Spiderman (subtitles), episodes 1-42, released by Marvel
  • Kurama Tengu, episodes 1-8, released by Azure Entertainment
  • Unannounced Modern Drama
  • Unannounced Documentary Series

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