Narrative QA

I am also available for QA and playtesting services. My main experience is doing narrative QA or similar playtesting for visual novels and Bioware titles.

What is narrative QA? This is playtesting that focuses on testing the technical and narrative continuity of games, particularly those with branching plotlines and optional missions. Some examples of narrative bugs:

  • Recruiting a character late in the game, yet they still refer to being present for earlier events
  • Two characters behaving familiarly to each other despite never having met earlier
  • Dialogue referencing optional missions not firing correctly if player has/has not completed them

If you need someone to explore your narrative branches thoroughly, test your narrative variables and flags, or even just nitpick all the nerdy little details, I’m your gal.


Mass Effect 3 – provided playthrough and narrative-slanted QA during the final three months of production, checking on character death flags, event flags, continuity, etc, particularly for the characters Garrus and Wrex (who were optional recruits in ME1 and had different death states and outcomes). Also provided regular QA for level glitches, animation problems, and other bugs.

1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum – provided extensive narrative and non-narrative bugtesting, feedback, and suggestions; led to my promotion to full editor.

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