Geek Articles

Are you looking for anime industry features? I can do that.

Are you looking for in-depth game reviews or analysis? I can do that.

Are you looking for thought-provoking or funny blog content? I can do that.

Are you looking for great geek writing? Oh  yeah, I can do that.

I’ve written for websites like Pretty Gamer, Geek’s Dream Girl,  and Fortress Geek, and have covered everything from anime industry insider discussions to analysis of narrative structure in gaming to beginner’s guides to Doctor Who. Check out the full archives of my work at the links, or see some of my favorite samples below.

Geek’s Dream Girl

From June 2010 to December 2013, I contributed biweekly articles for Geek’s Dream Girl as their anime and manga columnist. However, I soon branched outside of just anime-related articles and contributed content on video games, pen and paper gaming, live-action movies, fan culture, feminism, and even simple life advice. Some samples below:

Pretty Gamer

While I worked very briefly for this website, I was very happy with the articles I did, particularly one meme parody…

Fortress Geek

I’m currently producing semi-regular “beginner’s guide” articles for this Canadian geek merchandise store, offering guidance for non-geek customers looking for some fandom basics so as to make the right purchasing decision.

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