Closed Captioning

Since 2011, I’ve worked with Line 21 Media on delivering consistent, high-quality closed captioning for a variety of pre-recorded shows. My work has been broadcast on the Knowledge Network, NBC, YTV, Food Network, OLN, BBC Kids, Out TV, and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.  I have over 60 credits in various genres, from kids’ shows to documentaries. A few are listed below:

Notable Series and Shows I’ve Worked On

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures, season 2, BBC Kids
  • Robin Hood, seasons 1 and 3, BBC Kids
  • Horrible Histories season 4, BBC Kids
  • Pirates of Penzance at Sydney Opera House, Knowledge Network
  • Eat Street, seasons 4 and 5, Food Network
  • Crossing Lines, NBC
  • The First World War, Knowledge Network
  • Some Assembly Required, season 1, YTV
  • Emergency Room: Life and Death at VGH, Knowledge Network
  • Designing People, Out TV


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