Media Localization Scriptwriting (audio dubbing)

  • Death Note, episodes 20-37, released by Viz Media, broadcast on YTV and Cartoon Network
  • Pretty Cure, episodes 1-12, released by FUNimation, broadcast on YTV
  • Kurama Tengu, episodes 1-8, released by Azure Entertainment
  • My Otome Zwei, episodes 1-4, released by Bandai Entertainment
  • The Story of Saiunkoku, episodes 1-36, released by Geneon/Funimation
  • My Otome, episodes 1-26, released by Bandai Entertainment
  • Unannounced live action drama
  • Unannounced documentary

Media Localization Scriptwriting (subtitles)

  • Spiderman, episodes 1-42, released by Marvel
  • .hack//G.U. Trilogy, released by Bandai Entertainment
  • My Otome Sifr, episodes 1-4, released by Bandai Entertainment

Closed Caption Editing

  • Little Bear, season 5
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice, season 2
  • M.I. High, season 5
  • Sportfishing BC
  • Two Queens and a Castle

Manga Localization Editing

Video Game Writing and Editing

  • Larpegaverse, assistant writer and script editor to student project available for download

Business Writing and Editing

  • Capital IQ: transcript proofreader for financial analyst company. Edits and proofreads transcripts of corporate conference calls in various industries.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles


  • Geek’s Dream Girl: Regular contributor (as “m”) to a geek and dating related website. Posts on anime and manga related topics and themes.
  • Pretty Gamer: Guest contributor to a gaming website aimed at female and feminist gamers. Posted several comedic reviews.
  • Cheap Eats 2010: A blog designed to recommend cheap, high quality dining options for visitors during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Currently on hiatus.


  • PWAC Vancouver Chapter: President (April 2011 – Present)

Educational Material

  • Cosmos Culture Ltd: Test writer for an ESL textbook designed for workers in the hotel industry. Designed questions to test curriculum.


  • FuJET newsletter (2004-2006): numerous columns and articles. Circulated among JET Programme members in Fukushima prefecture, Japan.

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