Romance and Sexuality in Games

On top of my interest and expertise in game narrative as a whole, I’m particularly excited to create and explore games that feature romance, sexuality, and sex appeal for a wide range of audiences. I’ve even written for a dating sim or two! As a “professional fangirl” who grew up with online fandom, I’m familiar with the ways these diverse audiences engage with games and game characters, from ‘shipping and smutty fanfics to elaborate pro-level fanart, and I want to work towards more acknowledgement of these desires and  interests in the game industry.

Some of my goals include (but are not limited to!)

  • highlighting romance and romantic content in more games, from indie to AAA
  • creating healthier, more inclusive and open attitudes towards sexual content in games (e.g. acknowledging non-straight male desire/wish fulfillment)
  • broadening our ideas about “sex appeal,” “fanservice,” etc; creating attractive characters and content that avoids objectification and/or sexism
  • making sexiness in games more than just “chainmail bikinis”; exploring the sex appeal of male characters, characters of different gender identities, body types, etc.
  • making games with romantic and/or sexual content for wider audiences!

Speaking and Consulting

Want to make your game more romantic or sexy? Need a professional fangirl’s expertise? I do consulting! Please drop me a line to discuss how I can help you.

I also talk about this topic! A lot!  I’m happy to discuss presenting about love and sex in games at your event or organization, or give interviews for publications.

IGDA Romance and Sexuality SIG

I am also the co-founder and current chair of the Romance and Sexuality Special Interest Group (SIG) for the International Game Developers’ Association (IGDA). Inspired by an older Sex in Games SIG run by Sheri Rubin and Brenda Romero, the new Romance and Sexuality SIG was founded along with Heidi McDonald, creative director at iThrive Games and an expert on gamer response to romance, queer content, etc.

[O]ur aim is to provide a safe, welcoming, and informative space to learn and talk about every aspect of relationships and sex in our medium… from portrayals of loving relationships to depictions of “fanservice” and sex appeal, from thematic game mechanics to the markets for romance or erotic games, and everything in-between.

We welcome professional and aspiring game developers of every kind and anyone interested in how games can explore and evoke romantic love, sexual desire, or both! We are dedicated to promoting romance and sexuality in games in a way that is respectful and inclusive to people of all genders and sexualities. – IGDA Romance and Sexuality SIG Mission Statement

To apply for membership, please check out the official IGDA site or our Google Group. Also check out some of the press about the SIG here.